Henry Carpaneto
Piano, Organo, Voce

Henry Carpaneto, nominato Best European Blues piano player dalla rivista specializzata "Blues feelings" - Trophées France Blues - oggi è uno dei pianisti più interessanti nel settore. Ha partecipato e si è esibito in molti eventi in tutta Europa e negli Stati Uniti.

Moltissime le collaborazioni nazionali di Henry Carpaneto: Fabio Treves (Blues Again) Paolo Bonfanti ("The Choosen few", Exile on backstreets) ed internazionali, tra i quali: Otis Grand, Jerry Portnoy (armonicista della Muddy Waters Band e di Eric Clapton) Bryan Lee, Tony "TC" Coleman (BB King band) Sir Waldo Weathers (James Brown Band), Lucky Peterson, (Special Guest on "Pianissimo") Deitra Farr, Lea Gilmore, Big Pete Pearson, Keith Dunn, Sonny Rhodes, Paul Reddick, Tee Dee Young, Sydney Ellis, Joey Gilmore, James Armstrong.

Dicono di lui:

"Henry today is without doubt the most real Blues Piano player in Europe taking in the styles of all the old Piano Rollers and Jumpers"  (OTIS GRAND). "When I heard how good he was I didn’t think he was from Italy. He sounded like he was from America and he was very soulful".

 "I've been on stage for 53 years and I've been playing with a lot of musicians...Henry, I like to call him Cool Henry Blues, has great attitude, he's so talented! There are just few piano players like him" (BRYAN LEE). “He’s my Piano Man!!” (JERRY PORTNOY - MUDDY WATERS Band). "